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Seller Services


 When you hire a real estate broker, you are actually hiring a professional to do two different services.

  1. First and most obvious you are employing the services of someone to market your home.

    In the new millennium your Realtor needs to go beyond planting a sign in your front yard and running an occasional ad in the newspaper. Webster and Logosz spend more than most companies to expose your home to potential homebuyers. Their goal is to be certain that serious homebuyers are the market know your home is available whether that buyer is looking on his own or with the help of another agent.

  2. Second and most important, you are hiring a professional to guide you through the maze of legal paperwork, inspections, financing and inevitable hitches to complete the sale of your home once you've found a buyer. A critical decision as only one out of every four offers ever goes to the closing table.

Wendy, Sabrina, and the Webster and Logosz staff are seasoned, knowledgeable experts who will negotiate on your behalf, prepare a strong contract that clearly addresses the many details of the transaction, will monitor the buyer's financing, and will oversee the numerous details that must be handled in order to close.



Wendy and Sabrina strongly believe that ultimately our success depends on one factor-the quality of the service they provide you today.


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